Proceedings for FPCP 2006 are available at the Electronic Conference Proceedings Archive (eConf).

New papers, submitted for the proceedings but are not yet in eConf, can be found at this link.

The rest of this page is intended for authors.

Authors, please follow these steps:

The deadline to complete step 3  is 15 May 2006.

Step 1: Prepare your paper

Download this template package (Version: 6 Jun 06) and follow the instructions outlined in fpcp2006_guideline.pdf to prepare your paper.  (This template uses RevTeX 4.0 which should have been installed on your system with LaTeX).

Authors are responsible for ensuring that their papers are:
  • spell-checked,
  • conforms to the layout,
  • and can be successfully processed with LaTeX.

Step 2: Submit your paper

Submit the paper to the ePrint arXiv archive.  The arXiv site contains detailed instructions on how to do this as well as  things to consider and common mistakes to avoid.  Please upload only the source files (style files from the template, figures and the tex file.)  

Also, please do the following:
The ePrint arXiv should automatically generate the postscript and PDF files from your source files.  The paper, if successfully processed, will be available one business day later.  Please check the PDF file and fix any problems before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Notify us

When your paper is successfully submitted to arXiv and available for download, please contact us with the eprint number.  The eprint number is of the form "arch-ive/yymmnnn", eg. hep-ex/0601042.  

Please do not email any TeX files or figures to us;  we will download the version from the arXiv ePrint archive and the title of your paper will be used for the proceedings.

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