The fourth Flavor Physics and CP Violation Conference (FPCP 2006) will be held from 9 to 12 April 2006 at the Coast Plaza Hotel in Vancouver, Canada.  This conference is open to all experimental and theoretical physicists interested in the field.

Topics to be covered include experimental and theoretical results on

CP Violation
CKM Matrix Elements
Semileptonic B Decays
Charm and Charmonium Spectroscopy
Rare B, Charm and K Decays
B and D Mixing
Neutrino Oscillations
Future Facilities
June 22 New Proceedings paper: "B Mixing and Lifetimes at the Tevatron"
June 19 Conference Proceedings are now available at the Electronic Conference Proceedings Archive.
April 13 View the photographs of the conference events.
April 10 20 years of Heavy Flavor Conferences.
April 10 New talk added "Update on CDF B_s Mixing" on 11-April. Note that talks end at 18:00 on that day.
April 9 Conference will be in the Nelson & Denman Rooms at the Conference Level of the Coast Plaza Hotel.
April 4 Day Registration is now available.
March 16 Participants list is available.
March  7 FPCP 2006 registration desk at the Coast Plaza Hotel will be open during the conference and from 4-6 pm on Saturday 8 April.
March  1 Early registration for FPCP 2006 has been extended to 9 March.

FPCP came about as the result of the merging of two major high-energy physics events, the bi-annual Heavy Flavor Physics Conference (founded by Klaus Schubert) and the bi-annual International Conference on B Physics and CP Violation (founded by A.I.(Tony) Sanda).  Past conferences include:

2002:  University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
2003:  Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France.
2004:  EXCO, Daegu, Korea.

20 years of Heavy Flavor Conferences ....

On the occasion of 20 years Heavy Flavor Conferences, Thomas Ruf (CERN) has put together some documentation on the first Conference (Heidelberg 1986) with a collection of pictures.   Click on the link to see these historical documents.

In memory of Richard Dalitz (1925-2006).

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